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Net Snippets Professional 3.3

Compile research notes from multiple sources in a flash

Serious researchers need focused answers to search questions. That means, usually, a specific paragraph or chart from a file or web page – not the entire page or file. And the material needs to be retrieved from diverse locations: the Internet, commercial databases, personal files and emails, forums, and so on.

Up until now, without dedicated web research software, you’ve probably wasted hours just capturing, organizing, and combining the relevant bits of information from your search results into one professional report. Perhaps you realized that what you really need is an internet research tool that will do all that for you!

Using a simple drag & drop interface, Net Snippets enables you to aggregate selective information and entire files, including PDF, MS Office files, emails, video and audio, from the web or from your local PC, into your Net Snippets folders right inside the browser or on your desktop. The source information for every snippet is saved along with it, and also other metadata such as personal comments, level of relevancy, and keywords.

But the Net Snippet advantage doesn’t stop there. Professional web research software should accompany you all the way to the end of the project – and Net Snippets does just that. When you’ve collected all the information you need (or at any point during the process), our Internet research tool generates a professional, customizable report for you – with just a few clicks. The report merges all, or any selection, of your search results, including accompanying text that you’ve added, and includes a table of contents and a bibliography.

Net Snippets Professional Edition: the web research tool that combines the capturing, annotating and management of research findings with professional report generating capabilities. Use it to raise your productivity, increase your perceived professionalism in the eyes of colleagues and customers, and generate the maximum impact.

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Net Snippets


Net Snippets Professional 3.3

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